Covid-19 Campus Community Information and SCC Keep Learning Student Resources

South Central College uses various methods to assess proper course placement. If we need further information to determine your proper course placement, you will be contacted.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there are no scheduled Accuplacer testing sessions at this time. You will be contacted if further assessment is needed.


The Accuplacer course placement test is used to help determine readiness for specific college courses. It measures reading and mathematics skills and is used to assist you with the selection of appropriate courses to help assure academic success. The Accuplacer is not timed and immediate results are provided at the end of the test.

South Central College offers the Next Generation Accuplacer and the Accuplacer ESL.

After acceptance to South Central College, students take the Accuplacer/Accuplacer ESL test prior to attending Advising & Registration and registering for courses.


Students with a qualifying disability can request to take the Accuplacer with accommodations by completing the Accommodated Accuplacer Request Form and providing appropriate supporting disability documentation to the Academic Support Center. Once the documentation and request are received, disability services staff will review the documentation and determine if the student is eligible to take the Accuplacer with accommodations and will then contact the student to schedule an appointment.

Accuplacer Exemptions

New applicants and returning students must complete the Accuplacer unless you meet one of the exemption criteria:

  • You have a Bachelor degree or higher
  • ACT scores (Valid for 5 years)
    • 21 Reading score to waive reading
    • 22 Math score to waive math
  • MCA scores (Valid for 5 years)
    • 1047 Reading score to waive reading
    • 1158 Math score to waive math
  • SAT scores (Valid for 5 years)
    • 500 Reading score to waive reading
    • 500 Math score to waive math
  • Previous Accuplacer scores that meet placement requirements (Reading is valid for 5 years and Math is valid for 2 years)
  • College-level courses (100 or above) completed with a passing grade of a D or higher for the applicable Accuplacer subject area (Reading, English or Math course)
  • Other college credit such as Advanced Placement (AP), College in the Schools (CIS) or Articulated College Credit (ACC)

Preparing for the Accuplacer

Free Accuplacer web-based study site
Featuring Next Generation and ESL practice tests in:

  • Reading
  • ESL Reading
  • ESL Language Usage
  • Arithmetic
  • Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics
  • Advanced Algebra and Functions

Tests include:

  • Sample Tests
  • "Learn As You Go" with immediate question feedback and explanation for the correct responses
  • Save your work-in-progress and resume practicing at a later time
  • Review your score history to identify areas of strength and weakness
  • 6 months of access

Accuplacer Sample Questions
These free PDF documents give you examples of the types of questions you will see when you take the Accuplacer test.
Sample Questions for Reading
Sample Questions for Arithmetic
Sample Questions for Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics (QAS)
Sample Questions for Advanced Algebra and Functions (AAF)

Other Accuplacer resources:
Math Skills
Accuplacer Prep Free Online Courses - Mankato Area Adult Basic Education

Course Placement

After taking the Accuplacer, you will be given a copy of your test scores with information on which SCC courses you should be taking.

Remote Testing

SCC students testing at another college: If you are unable to come to SCC, you may be able to take the Accuplacer at another college.  To make this request, contact the Advising Office at 507-389-7220 and select option 4.  A test voucher will be created for you.

Non-SCC students testing at SCC for a different college: If you want to take the Accuplacer at SCC for a different college, contact the college you will be attending to request a test voucher.  After the voucher has been generated, schedule your test using the registration link above.  Bring your test voucher and your student ID from that college to your test.


When retesting, you can choose to retest in one area or retake the entire Accuplacer test. You may not retest on the same day.  Study resources are provided above, and if you need additional resources, please visit the South Central College library.  

  • Students can test two times at SCC free of charge.
  • If score(s) are expired, students can test free of charge.
  • Students can test 3 times maximum in a calendar year (Jan-Dec) at SCC.
  • If testing for the 3rd or more time and scores are not expired, the student WILL be charged a $20 fee (regardless if taking one or more tests).

Testing Policies

  • All testing requires a photo ID.  The Accuplacer will not be administered to anyone who does not have a valid photo ID on the day you intend to test.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Personal calculators cannot be used for the test.  Accuplacer does provide the option of a digital calculator for questions that will require the use of one.
  • Scratch paper and pencils are provided.
  • All cell phones must be turned off and stored in a backpack, purse, jacket, etc.
  • No children are allowed in the computer lab or left unattended outside during testing.
  • Allow 2 to 3 hours for taking the test.