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Today’s high tech manufacturing environment calls for individuals who can install and maintain a wide variety of computer-controlled systems, machinery and equipment. It was with this need in mind that South Central College created its Mechatronics program in 2009. The program provides comprehensive instruction and hands-on experience with Mechanical Systems (Mecha), Electronics (Tronics), Fluid Power, Automation and Robotics. Guided by instructors who have worked in the field, you will gain the skills required by today’s advanced manufactures. The program also incorporates nationally recognized certifications so you will have the credentials you need to demonstrate your skill level wherever your Mechatronics career takes you. 

Location: North Mankato, Faribault, and Online with iMEC
Admission Dates: Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters

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SCC has a 93% average placement rate
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Advanced Manufacturing Majors

Robots, computer systems, and complex machines have transformed they way we design and produce products. America's advanced manufacturing continues to expand faster than the overall economy increasing the need and pay for skilled workers.