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Purpose:  Creation of a new program or adoption of existing Minnesota State program

Definitions:   South Central College will follow Minnesota State Board Policy #3.36 Academic Programs

Approval of the chancellor is required for new academic programs, changes to existing academic programs, suspension of academic programs, and closure of academic programs at system colleges and universities.

An approved academic program shall include curricular requirements for earning an academic award, such as credits in general education, a major and/or minor, and all prerequisite courses. The chancellor shall maintain the academic program inventory and annually report to the Board of Trustees on the status of the inventory. The annual report to the Board will include data and analysis of programs measured against program goals established by the Chancellor. The goals will be based on aligning program offerings to workforce needs statewide, regionally and locally in collaboration with the Department of Employment and Economic Development and the Governor's Workforce Development Council (GWDC), and including data from the State Demographer. Only academic programs approved by the chancellor as recorded in the academic program inventory may be offered by system colleges and universities.

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Date & Subject of Revisions:  January 18, 2019